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Cycling is without doubt one of the best ways in which to get fit, and stay fit, as well as being a great aid to anyone who is seeking to lose weight. Doctors routinely recommend cycling as one of the best forms of exercise to take. There are far less stresses on the knee and ankle joints while cycling when compared to other activities like running and aerobics.

You don’t need an expensive bike to gain health benefits from cycling, no matter what bike you own or intend to buy, just get out there and ride it. If you’re not a regular cyclist or are new to cycling, you may find that after your first ride you feel absolutely shattered, yes, you’ll feel good for achieving what you did, but you’ll still feel shattered, more so if you’re generally unfit, and the following day, your legs will be more than likely be aching, but please don’t use that as an excuse not to get back on your bike the next day, any aches and pains soon vanish with regular cycling activity. I hate to think how many bikes are gathering dust in garden sheds from where people have not used them again after a ride or two.

You don’t need to be competitive when you get on a bike, but you know how it is, many cyclists will tell you that they don’t like being overtaken by another cyclist, you just feel the need to try and catch them up and overtake them, it’s just the way it is, which in a way is a good thing, as the more you exert yourself, the faster you will become, the more distance you will cover, and the quicker you’ll get fitter.