First short ride

I took the new bike out for it’s first short run today, this was the first time I had ridden a bike for 2 years and 8 months, and it felt quite strange being back in the saddle. Not wanting to do too much, as I was worried about my lungs and if the breathing problems would return, I took it very fairly steady and did just 2.07 miles along my lane, I was shattered even after that short a distance, my heart was beating erratically and I was very trying to catch my breath when I got off the bike, but not as bad as I thought I would be, to be honest, my legs probably hurt more than my lungs did.

Well, at least it’s a start for me, the bike is very light and goes nicely, the SRAM gears are a dream, very smooth, you can hardly hear or feel them changing gear, as is to be expected from such a great brand name. Having had disc brakes on my previous mountain bike, I found the v-brakes on this bike pretty good, have to be careful of the front brake, otherwise I’ll be over the bars, and I don’t wear a helmet when riding, so I tend to use only the rear brakes most of the time, when I remember which is which, that is.

I had some of my other bike goodies delivered, just waiting on the mini pump and the front bike lights now: