Four Cross

Mountain Biking: Four Cross

‘Dual Slalom’ is a ski-inspired event which puts two mountain bike riders against each other on two near identical man-made tracks side-by-side, with the same jumps and berms (banked corners). It is a head to head mountian bike race with a rider on each track, and the first across the line wins.

The contest has a knock-out format and after each heat the number of people still competing for the final will half. ‘Dual’ events are similar, but both riders share the same track and so dual is a contact sport. However, in recent years both dual and dual slalom has gone through a recession with mountian bike riders preferring 4cross racing.

4cross Mountain Biking and its routes

4cross was inspired by the dual format and by the extremely popular BMX racing. This event puts four riders on the same wide course from starting gates to the finish line. There can only be one winner per event, so the races can quickly eliminate riders, making the progression faster for a day’s events.

This is the reason it was chosen as the event to replace Dual-Slalom by NORBA, the US National race authority. 4X also replaced dual in the UCI World Cup series in 2002.