MTB Maintenance

Mountain Bike Maintenance

One of the most crucial items of maintenance involves taking care of your bike after riding it by cleaning off any mud, dirt, or debris. It is important to clean your bike soon after a ride before it is put away.

Clean your mountain bike regularly

Cleaning can be done before loading up your bike into your car, especially if your bike is very muddy. Rinse off as much mud as possible. Use a spray to clean any difficult areas such as the brake pads, freehub, underside, etc. Remove any chunks of mud and if possible dry your bike.

If your bike is muddy or wet you will need to give it a good clean at home. Firstly hose down your bike completely, then you can use car washing soap and a brush to clean it. If you are using a high pressure spray be careful of the area of the crank bearings or wheel hub bearings.

Direct the hose spray into the front and rear brake pads, the chainrings and freehub and other areas as needed.

Look after your mountain bike & it will look after you

Now turn the bike upside down to hose down the underside. Use the soapy water and clean the underneath. Put the bike upright or lay it on it’s side and wash the rest of the bike. Rinse clean with the hose.

It is important to clean the chain and lubricate it and also a use a cloth to clean the pulleys on the rear derailleur. You should clean the inside and outside surface while moving the chain through the pulleys.