MTB Racing

Mountain Bike Racing

If you have been mountain biking for a while it is a natural next step to try a race. You don’t have to have the best bike or be the fittest person there. All you need is a desire to see how well you can do and to push your fitness and riding skills.

There are many mountain bike races you can enter very easily. Usually, local races tend to be shorter and easier than the pro-level tracks.

Most tracks are like this and quite a few properly organised mountain bike areas run their own races and championships. There is a category for everybody so that almost everyone is on a level playing field within their category.

In preparation for a race you should make sure that your mountain bike is in good condition, and in particular that your gears and brakes work as they should. Try to find the best set up that you have practised on.

Tyre pressure & mountain bike competitions

Tyre pressures can make a big difference, especially in downhill because a tyre that is softer will absorb shock better but is less efficient when pedalling and can be subject to pinch-flats. In road racing, most of the best riders would not be competitive on tyres that are too soft. If it is a cross-country race you wish to enter, then a puncture repair kit, or a spare tube will need to be carried.

Along with a pump and tyre levers, a set of allen keys is worth having too. It may not be worth taking many other tools because if you do have a more serious problem then its going to take a while to repair and you will be way down on time.