New Tacx training tyre arrives

After an longer than expected wait, my Tacx trainer tyre arrived yesterday, along with innertube, Topeak saddle bag and my pirate socks.

I’ve put the tyre on my bike, and despite still being as sick as a dog and in a lot of pain, I had to try the tyre out on the rollers, but only for a short time, as I don’t want to make my chest worse than it already is. The first noticeable difference is how much quieter it is, it’s a lot better with the loud buzzing noise from the other tyres now gone.

Another thing that has changed is, the effort required to turn the pedals, it’s a lot easier now, but that presents another problem, I only have 2 rings on my bike, and whilst on the largest ring, with the chain on the smallest gear on the real wheel, I have to pedal furiously to maintain a good speed, as there’s hardly any resistance now, this is something I saw mentioned in one of the reviews for the rollers.

I definitely need a bike that has 3 rings to give a wider range of gears, hopefully, people might have got new bikes for Christmas, and as a result, there should be a some second hand bikes in the local paper fairly soon, fingers crossed.

We’re going to my mums for Christmas dinner tomorrow, so it’ll be Monday when I do a short video to show the how much quieter the rollers are now, compared to before with the MTB tyres on.

I wish you all have a Merry Christmas, go easy on the mince pies :)